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How to Fix Norton Error Code 8504

                              Norton Error 8504

Norton Antivirus is anti-malware software. it detects all viruses by using signatures and heuristics, Antivirus works on Microsoft software Windows. It scans your device from threats. Despite having good features, people face lost of facing too. Among them fixing how to fix Norton error 8504  is a  common problem.
Norton error 8504 can be caused by another security product or due to a failed download when the product is being upgraded to a newer version.

Error 8504 is may appear for at least two reasons:

. Failed Norton install that has happened during the installation an upgrade process to the newer version.
Another antivirus or security product is already installed onto a system.

to the fix, the issues foe caused by the failed Norton installation, use the Norton Removal tool.
and to fix the issues caused by another security program, uninstall any non-Norton/Symantec antivirus/security software that appears on the list under the install program in your control panel. because Symantec is also recommends checking if your graphics adapter driver needs an update.

How to Fix Norton Error 8504

Type of Norton error 8504

Norton error message 8504 is shown in 3 ways

. Run the Norton remove and reinstall tool.
Uninstall any non-Symantec security product.
Update the video graphics driver.

If you have Norton Family Install, Uninstall it before you run the Norton remove and reinstall tools.

Run the Norton remove and reinstall tool.

. Install the Norton remove and reinstall tool.
   save on the file to the windows desktop. on some browsers, the file is automatically saved to its default locations
. Then press the ctr+j key and open the install window in your browser.
. Click on double the NRnR icon.
. Read on the license agreement, and click to agree.
. Click on the Advanced Options.
. Then click on the Remove only.
Click restart now.
After the restarts, your systems, follow on the screen instructions to reinstall Norton.

Uninstall any Non-Symantec security product

Press the Windows + R keys and open the Run dialog box.
. Press the enter button, appwiz.cpl.After type in the following text
. In your Non-Symantec download programs, select the option Non-Symantec security and click the uninstall & remove.
. Follow the instructions in your desktop screen.
. After that, the uninstall process is completed.
. Restart your device.

Update the video graphics driver

. Click on the windows +R keys, and open the run dialog box.
. Following the text, And then press enter devmgmt.msc.
In your device manager window, double click on your display adapters.
. Click on the right button for the HD graphics card, and select the properties.
On the system tab, check whether in the graphics card on your system is outdated or current.
if your system is outdated, you can update the install the latest version of the graphics card device.

Select your graphics card manufacturer.

- AMD/ATI Radeon HD video graphics
-  Intel HD video graphics
- NVIDIA graphics

. Restart your device and check if the problem has been resolved.

If you are used these tips for install & fix Norton Error 8504 but still you are not able to resolve your problem then You can also try any of the above methods to solve the issue yourself, if you find any inconvenience while doing so, then you can contact to Norton Error customer support number. 

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